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December 31 2014

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I want to believe: Slavsquat
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December 28 2014

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“Family flight” – Five A350 XWBs together in flight

December 24 2014

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'no comment': the best of 2014

December 22 2014

My day starts off the same
It looks like it might rain
But I will not complain
'Cause I can see the sun

I say my little prayers
Running down the stairs
The streets are going nowhere
But I don't care

'Cause this day is beautiful
Nothing's gonna get me down
— Joe Cocker - No Ordinary World
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Das mobile Nordkoreanische Hacklabor
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December 15 2014

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Grab my Grip

December 11 2014

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StreetView Car being followed by two other StreetView Cars
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A beautiful visualization of the airspace over the UK 

December 09 2014

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INLEGEND - Stones At Goliath, Track By Track - Threatened

December 08 2014

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INLEGEND (Official) - To new Horizons (HQ) [Stones At Goliath]

December 07 2014

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VLN 2014: Bewegende Bilder Teil 1

December 02 2014

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November 28 2014

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Inconspicuous Ingenuity 2014 - Escorted by the Met Police Special Escort Group

November 26 2014

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November 19 2014

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Secret Cinema presents Back to the Future
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